How do you make a great company? We believe that is starts and ends with great people. At Torontronics we take great pride in our people, it’s what makes us great.

Satya Selvalingam had a vision for creating the best circuit board manufacturing company out there.  He wanted a company that would act as a partner to it’s customers. A company that would deliver outstanding products at amazing rates. A company that could provide the quickest turnaround to keep its clients competitive.

To make this dream a reality Mr. Selvalingam needed the right people. So he formed his team by carefully choosing people who he knew or had worked with before, people who had proven themselves to be the best in the business. He knew that his team would pride themselves on meeting their customers demands. He also knew that this team would work well together, that they would act more as a family. That they would be free of office politics and would focus their energies on a common goal.

So was born Torontronics. A unique company of skilled specialists who put customer needs as their main objective. A company that prides itself on making sure that their customers are satisfied and return with follow up projects.